Deployment is always not easy and instructions aren’t always clear. If you struggled like me to set cookies when you deploy both apps on Heroku due to the public suffix that Heroku is on, you are in the right place. You will not be able to set cookies using two separate Heroku apps without a custom domain name during to Heroku being on the public suffix.

This is the cheapest option with you spending USD 7/month for hobby tier excluding the price of your domain name. Read on for easy to understand steps with pictures provided, hopefully its ELI5.


Being new to software engineering, I struggled with finding resources to understand how to make the Taggun API work. I needed to implement the Taggun API to a small project that was part of my homework submission. Taggun is a fully automated OCR Receipt Scanning Technology that can be implemented in your project. I did this with a feature of Postman.

Postman is used to make HTTP request to your application or to an api that you are working with without needing to create a form submission in HTML, this way, you can test and work on your server-code or…


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